Online training Wholeception® Basic (Module #1)
Perceiving mikro expressions
& decoding emotions

Since micro-expressions are triggered by the limibic system in the brain and are therefore not consciously controllable, they reliably provide information about the emotions, needs and motives of your counterpart. In module 1 the focus is on the non-verbal signal channel of facial expressions, the scientific connections between facial expressions and emotions and the application of this knowledge in conversations.


  • the human brain and its role in body language
  • facial expressions: overview and characteristics of the cross-cultural purely facial emotions (micro expressions)
  • emotions, triggers & functions as a basis for resonance with your counterpart
  • specific fields of application in sales and human resources
  • perception training & decoding logic
  • group analyzes of video material

Your skills after having finished the training

  • your perception of the cross-cultural facial signals of emotions is sharpened and you are able to decode them
  • you know the connections between these emotions and the related needs of your counterpart
  • this gives you various possibilities to get into resonance with your conversation partner
  • you have improved your appreciative communication and can thus support the achievement of your respective goals in the conversation

Measurable learning success

Both before and after the training, all participants complete the scientific READ49 emotion recognition test. Based on the evaluation, you will receive information on your individual status, learning progress and potential for improvement.


After successfully completing the module, you will receive the Wholeception Basic Certificate for your training documentation.

Online training tool

In addition to the accompanying script, you as a participant receive unlimited access to the online micro-expression training for € 104 including VAT.

Participation fee / Wholeception Basic

time:    tbd
date:          tbd
venue:       online (via Zoom)
fee:            490 € plus 19% VAT per person

The expert: Corinna Jahn

Corinna Jahn works as the business profiler with entrepreneurs, top executives and strategic investors and advises and trains them in in-house and 1: 1 trainings in the field of non-verbal communication.

Your benefits

The use Wholeception in your business has a positive effect in a wide variety of areas and brings you a multitude of advantages.

Your benefits
    • boost your negotiation success
    • higher sales conversion
    • more customer & employee satisfaction
    • long-term customer & employee loyalty
    • reduced investment risk
    • etc.

Participants' voices

Bettina Spalluto, Key-Account-Manager, Emil Frey Gruppe Germany

“As a key account manager, I negotiate a lot with buyers, managing directors and board members of large companies. The Wholeception training with Corinna Jahn sharpened my perception of my counterpart. In meetings, I now have even more transparency about the needs and motives of my customers and also recognize subtle non-verbal objection signals. In this way, I can address my customers in a more targeted manner directly in the conversation and directly advise and correct any discrepancies. Wholeception is a good tool to give my customers and prospects even better advice. The entire process has become more effective for me, my closing rate has increased and long-term, loyal business relationships have emerged. "

Alexander Sauter, Finance & Insurance Advisor, Allfinanz Deutsche Vermögensberatung

“In my business as a financial and insurance advisor, I put people first. Trusting customer relationships and sales geared towards the needs of my customers are therefore of central importance to me. Before I learned mimic resonance, I already had a good feel for people, but through training with Corinna Jahn I can now scientifically, structured and reliably recognize what my counterpart is feeling and what is necessary at that moment, regardless of "diffuse gut feeling" to move forward together. "

When booking several online training modules

up to 15% discount:

If you book modules 1 & 2 together, you will receive a 10% discount on your participation fee, and if you book modules 1, 2 & 3 together, you will receive a 15% discount!

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