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When it comes to decoding non-verbal signals, micro-expressions are groundbreaking. They are cross-cultural, cannot be consciously controlled and appear on the face within a few milliseconds. Microexpressions cannot be prevented or hidden and give unreliable information about the emotions of our counterpart.


Wholeception is based on the results from more than 1,200 scientific studies.
Micro expressions are controlled in our brain by the limbic system and are therefore not arbitrarily controllable. The limbic is evolutionary
System significantly older than the prefrontal cortex (PC) of which we are conscious Thinking is made possible because emotions and drive behavior (including the stress reactions freeze, flight, fight) for our survival
are more important than conscious thinking, the pc is in the limbic system
Subordinate prioritization of data processing. This is how micro-expressions are created faster on our face than we can even even be aware of the emotion.


Micro expressions show up on the face for just a few milliseconds. They cannot be prevented or hidden and occur more and more under stress, with high topic relevance and a profit / loss expectation. These very subtle signals are the same for people of all cultures, which makes facial expression a pioneering tool in business. For example, unspoken objections can be made in real time perceived, decoded and directly included in the conversation. The perception of incongruences can also mock the concealment or falsification of information.

The Wholeception®
coding system 

When analyzing non-verbal behavior, 8 signal channels are differentiated: facial expressions, head posture, gestures, foot and leg behavior, body posture, psycho-physiology, voice and interpersonal movement behavior. For this reason, the main focus of the analysis is placed on microexpressions that are not consciously controllable. The signals on the other channels then provide valuable additional information.

The process

My analysis and advice is always based on a clear, jointly developed objective, based on which the process is divided into the following steps:


As a rule, I conduct personal conversations or accompany conversations and meetings with my clients while observing. In special cases, the evaluation of the video material provided is also possible on request.


For decoding, I cluster the observed specific somatic markers, evaluate them according
to the established relevance criteria and
place them in the overall context in the respective use case.


At the end, we will conduct a personal review interview and you will receive a summary that I have created with a profile and specific recommendations for action for your further strategic approach.


Personality types / profiling

Different personality types can be clearly differentiated and reliably recognized using non-verbal signals and speech patterns. Knowing about these personality types and their specific type of information processing and communication enables individual, targeted and appreciative addressing and thus optimally supports you in achieving your goals.


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