Online introduction Feb 10th 2021

I see what you are feeling

In a detailed interview with the editorial team of FREUNDIN magazine, Corinna Jahn speaks in the current issue about the decoding of non-verbal communication, facial expressions with mouth and nose covering and gives tips for direct implementation.

Detect, what your counterpart does not say

Scientific studies have shown: "reading" people doesn't require intuition or decades of experience - it's learnable algorithmically!

The decoding of non-verbal communication is built up systematically. So-called microexpressions play a central role here. They only show up very subtly and briefly on the face (<500 ms), are not consciously controllable and show up in everyone around the world the same across cultures.

Microexpressions thus reliably provide conclusions the current emotions, needs, motives and any unspoken objections
of our counterpart. We can also use "non-verbal incongruences" in the Recognize in conversation whether our counterpart is hiding something or information falsified.

As the business profiler, I work with entrepreneurs, executives and investors and advise and train them to perceive non-verbal communication and reliably decipher it. Because of my vita as an entrepreneur and As a venture capital investor, my focus is on sales (Acquisition & customer loyalty), human resources (recruiting, management, Employee development etc.) and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

Use cases

Based on my professional expertise, I am on use cases in
specialized in human resources, sales and strategic M&A. Of course, the objective in every use case is different, but the basis is always the same: reading and decoding the emotions of the other person in
Real-time. My clients have decades of professional experience

already have a very good knowledge of human nature. Studies have shown, however, that the detection rate of microexpressions is only around 60% on average. With applied facial expression, you can increase this rate to over 95%. In this way I give you access to important information that would otherwise remain hidden from you.

Understand your
Employees' needs

Better decisions in recruiting, more efficient employee development and increased retention through higher employee satisfaction.

Boost your
sales conversion

More success in sales through reliable recognition of non-verbal
objection signals
and incongruences.


Identification of top performers and underperformers and assessment of team commitment as part of a management due diligence & portfolio.

Your benefits with Wholeception

The use of facial expression resonance in your business has a positive effect in a wide variety of areas and brings you a variety of advantages.

  • better negotiation success
  • higher sales conversion
  • more customer & employee satisfaction
  • long-term customer & employee loyalty
  • reduced investment risk
  • etc.


Depending on the use case, it can also be interesting in the long term for you or your team to learn the ability to use facial expression resonance yourself in order to be able to use it independently and flexibly in the future.


The business profiler
Corinna Jahn

"As the business profiler, I help my clients to understand their interlocutors better and thus to better achieve their goals in an appreciative and sustainable manner. Only when we recognize the needs and motives of our counterpart can we really" pick up "them - be it in the Acquisition, in consultation, in employee interviews or in team analyzes ... ""

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